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SMAN 22 Kab.Tangerang | Open Registration

22 Regency Of Tangerang Senior High School
Approve a new student for 9th generation!!!

Are you confused?Where should be after junior high school?
Don't worry :) Let's join in our school!!!
Did you know?With SMAN 22 "Becoming Goal"

Assalamu'alaikum :)
I want to share information for my friend in junior high school.Before that i want introduce myself.My name is Niken Khalida Puteri.My nick name is Niken.I'm a student of 12 Science in 22 Regency Of Tangerang Senior High School.

We begin study at 07.00 until 14.45.School from Monday to Friday.And then for saturday is holiday.In our school there is many fasilities there are ;
-Principal's Office
-Computer Labolatory
-Science Labolatory
-Art room
-Sport Room
-Basket and Volley Square
-Consultations Guide Room
-Farming Area
-Parking Area

We have many extracurricular there are;
-IT (Information and Technology)
-Javaness Gamelan
-Sundaness Gamelan
-Cukin Dance
-Jaipong Dance 
-KIR (Scientific Work Youth)
-PMR (Red Cross Teen) 

Best Graduate Achievement from 22 Regency Of Tangerang Senior High School :
We have Scholarship Program For Advance Student

That's all i can tell for you.I hope it can useful :) You can ask something to me in my facebook,twitter or email :)Thank you for your attention.See you~

"22 Regency Of Tangerang Senior High School open registration start from 24 June until 27 June 2014"

For more information : 
Address : Bumi Puspiptek Asri Residence (Sektor 1),Pagedangan-Tangerang
Telephone : (021)29008449
Email :

Let's join in our school!!

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Unknown mengatakan...

Duh jadi mau masuk SMAN 22 :p

Unknown mengatakan...

Eh kaka pina :) yaudah buru-buru daftar atuhh :p

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